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Cider Maker's Hard Cider


This is the summit of ciders. A dry, crisp finish after a long climb with a brisk carbonated feel.

Moscow Mule Hard Cider


The cocktail of ciders, Kicker is the perfect balance—sophistication with a little bit of grit.

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Hard Cider


A warm, sophisticated wrap as you recap the most epic moments of your latest adventure.

Hot Pepper Hard Cider


Feeling spicy? Find undiscovered flavor around every turn. Blaze your own trail.

Semi-Sweet Hard Cider

Day Pack

A short easy trail, suitable for all, this cider celebrates everything that is fresh, uncomplicated, and sweet

Dry Hopped Hard Cider


In case you weren't really sure if you should go left or right at that tree ... or grab a beer or a cider, we've got you covered with this cider that’s the perfect middle path.

Fruit-inspired Hard Cider


We are never really sure what will happen in these batches. Stuff changes. Huck it.

Hidden gem right on the midcoast. The setting is serene and peaceful with lush green grass and a stylish cider house surrounded by old growth trees.  Friendly faces behind the bar guide you through a flight of delicious and off the beaten path cider flavors.

Kerry Payne

I was never a cider fan until I tried Tin Top's ciders. Damn they're good! They have 6 to 8 ciders on tap, from sweet to dry and some are flavored with spices.


Getting here


Saturday 2–8 PM
Closed Sunday–Friday


16 S Old Sheepscot Rd
Alna, ME 04535


(207) 882-4614